New Delivery Link-up between Two Western States

Launching Blue Sky Express: a new service from the Colorado Library Courier and the Kansas Library Express

The Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) and the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) are pleased to announce a linkage between our statewide courier services.   Started in January 31, 2011, Blue Sky Express links the Colorado’s courier to many additional libraries in Kansas, and offers many Kansas libraries their first inexpensive, out-of-state delivery service.  Almost from day one, the service has been delivering three full totes across state lines. 

Blue Sky Express provides Colorado libraries with easy shipping access to over 34 Kansas libraries, and Kansas libraries with access to nearly 65 libraries in Colorado.   Blue Sky Express is a cost-effective delivery system, and a fast one, with deliveries running five days a week.  Fot Colorado, instructions on using Blue Sky Express are available at For Kansas Library Express, instructions for using Blue Sky Express are available at .

 Resource Sharing continues to thrive and grow in the Mountain/Plains area!

 Valerie Horton                                                                        Jim Minges
Executive Director                                                                 Executive Director
Colorado Library Consortium                                          NorthEast Kansas Library System


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