ASCLA-ICAN Collaborative Digitization Discussion Group at ALA Midwinter

Saturday, January 8, 2011 | 4-5:30 in SDCC Room 23B
Copyright and Book Digitization Workflows: Breaking the 1923 Barrier
David Lowe | Digital Programs Team Leader, University of Connecticut

Libraries involved in large scale digitization projects with partners such as Google and the Internet Archive have sallied forth with confidence as long as they have focused on making openly accessible those published materials with imprints up to and including 1922.

However, the copyright waters of 1923 and beyond become much murkier, and the uncertain fate of the Google Book Settlement (GBS)—likely to be dry-docked in the courts for some time to come—has distracted libraries from much forward progress on broadening access to digitized book collections. In fact in practice, the GBS only begins where public domain ends, and opportunities to identify public domain titles and gather permissions from rights holders are available to libraries seeking to broaden access to their digitized materials. This session will focus on a discussion of post-1922 book copyright evaluation workflows developed by University of Connecticut with additional conversation about comparable work being done at Northwestern University and HathiTrust.

We hope this presentation will foster discussion about establishing community practices and procedures that libraries can follow to provide open online access to hundreds of thousands of post-1922 titles.

This meeting is open to all and will include brief project updates from attendees. Please contact Jason Kucsma ( if you would like to be added to the project update list. 

Jason Kucsma
Emerging Technologies Manager
Metropolitan New York Library Council

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