“Helping Libraries Thrive: Keeping Our Eyes on the Strategic Objectives”

Check out this thoughtful article on the new economies of libraries and how cooperative purchases need to change by Tom Sanville, Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at LYRASIS.

Excerpt: “Let’s start with the hard realities. The prospects for library budget growth are minimal even as user expectations, information production and information prices all are on the rise. To boot, the increasingly rapid expansion and rate of technology changes require an almost constant retooling of library technology. And, contrary to popular belief, the quality information that library users need was not free in print and other hard formats, and it is not and will not be free in electronic formats—at least not the most current information. These realities have intensified, but they are not new. For decades, libraries have developed the means to sometimes overcome and to sometimes simply cope with these hard realities. How do they do it? They employ the primary tools of cooperation and collaboration.”

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