Profile in Collaboration: At Red Rocks CC Students Create, Library Benefits

LJ Online article

Excerpt: “”You can do it, we can help,” said Joseph Sanchez, Director of the Buckels Library at Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) in Lakewood, CO, explaining how he thinks about offering library services to students. “Really, we’re like the Home Depot Academic Center,” he said.

Though he starts out talking about library 2.0, an idea that seems almost quaint now, he’s not parroting buzzwords about online conversation or revealing a strategy of “meet the users where they are.” He’s literally talking about collaborative creation and helping students gather, or produce, materials they can take to employers. joseph.1(FullStory)Students learn valuable skills along the way—and the kicker is that the library in return gets access to a trove of student-created content. Not only is Sanchez moving forward on the co-creation front, he’s pushing the envelope on lending iPads and enabling student purchases via Amazon, as well as fighting for mobile access to both consumer and student-created content.”


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