Request for Applications for VIVO

The VIVO Collaboration is pleased to announce the release of its Request for Applications (RFA) for the VIVO Collaborative Research Projects Program. Under this RFA, VIVO anticipates committing $250,000 dollars during the 2010-2011 academic year to provide funding for people and institutions interested in developing tools that use VIVO data or code to positively impact scientists and science.

Proposals are invited that target new systems or modifications to existing open source systems that:

  • Consume or produce VIVO compatible data to improve scientific performance or results
  • Improve the identification of potential collaborators or strengthen existing collaborations
  • Reduce the work required by scientists to comply with reporting or other display requirements
  • Link VIVO data to other linked open data systems
  • Ingest scholarly data (e.g. papers, patents, grants, resources, course data)
  • Create fundamental new opportunities for the advancement of science

Resulting tools must be open source and available for download from the VIVO software distribution web sites by the end of the funding period.

The due date for applications is December 10, 2010 by 5:00pm EST. For complete details, please see the full RFA text at RFA.pdf.


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