Resources Sharing Award nominations

You: new to the resource sharing community, full of questions and fresh ideas.
Us:  the STARS Atlas Mentoring Award Committee

If you’re too new to resource sharing to know what 3,2,2,1 was then we have an award for you!   Thanks to the generosity of Atlas Systems RUSA STARS is able to offer a $1,000 travel award to help a new member of the resource sharing community (two or fewer years) to attend ALA, June 2011, New Orleans, LA.    The goal is help a new resource sharing practitioner attend ALA, perhaps for the first time.   By attending ALA and especially by attending the STARS events the recipient will have the chance to meet others in the resource sharing community, share your ideas, get suggestions and, find out what 3,2,2,1 was.   

Who can apply?  New library practitioners (two or fewer years,  library degree not required) working in the field of interlibrary loan/document delivery or electronic reserves, and who has daily, hands-on involvement in the areas of borrowing, lending, document delivery, electronic reserves, material delivery, or resource sharing.   If you’ve been involved with other areas of libraries that’s okay—if you’re new to the resource sharing community or electronic reserves then you’re eligible to apply for this award.

Can you nominate yourself?  Absolutely!   We encourage people to nominate themselves.

How do you apply?   Go to the ALA RUSA awards page and click on the form.


Nominations must be received by 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time December 15, 2010.  The recipient will be announced at ALA Midwinter at the ALL STARS meeting.    Nominees do not need to attend ALA Midwinter to be considered for this award though, of course, you’re welcome!

Thank you and get working on that application!

William Gee, Mary Hollerich, Karen Janke, Collette Mak (chair) and, Karen Okamoto


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