The new issue is ready

The new issue of the Journal is now available.

Table of Contents, Volume 2, Issue 3


Collaboration–All Over the Map” by Ivan Gaetz

Scholarly Articles

“‘A Long Way from Moscow‘: A Collaborative Project Between Archivists, Librarians, and Historians from the Steppes of Saratov Province and the High Plains of Colorado by Janet Lynn Bishop and Kenneth Rock

The Only Constant Is Change: A Narrative on Ten Years of Collaborative Chat Reference Service at San Jose Public Library” by Ronna C. Nemer

Along a Continuum: Moving in Theory and Practice through the Collaborative to the Transformative in Teaching College and University Students to Use Government Documents in Research” by Stephanie Braunstein and Mitchell J. Fontenot

From the Field

Student Affairs Connection: Promoting the Library through Co-Curricular Activities” by Kathryn M. Crowe

K-State Grant Opportunities Encourage Librarian/Faculty Collaborations” by Regina M. Beard

Open Access Advocacy: Think Globally, Act Locally” by Bette Rathe, Jayati Chaudhuri and Wendy Highby

Frustrations, Challenges and Opportunities in Public Library Collaboration: An Interview with George Jaramillo, Library Director, Taos Public Library, Taos, New Mexico” by George Jaramillo and Ivan Gaetz

Viewpoints: Collaboration Matters

The Collaborative Web” by Nicole C. Engard


Review of—Collaborative Cataloging” by Wendy Elizabeth Austin

PDF Applications on the iPad: A Review” by Carolyn Schubert


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