A Presentation at IATUL

This paper was presented at the 31st Annual IATUL Conference. The theme of the conference was “The Evolving World of e-Science: Impact and Implications for Science and Technology Libraries.”  It took place at Purdue University back in June, 2010.

The e-research center: transforming a traditional science library

At the University of New Mexico Libraries (UL) a year long process engaged faculty, students and library personnel in developing a new mission for the Centennial Science and Engineering Library (CSEL) that will re-purpose it to serve the evolving need for facilitating e-research. The authors discuss the vision of the UL for being at the center of data intensive and cyber-enabled research and the planned development of the eResearch Center (eRC). They share the planning process and ideas to revitalize a 25 year old science and engineering library into a collaborative transdisciplinary research hub. Plans include installing low-latency and high-availability network connections to the eRC to provide access to a fast, dedicated research network, training and resource collaboration with the campus high performance computing center, a visualization lab, collaborative environments, large-format data displays, and the provision of data life cycle management services.

This is just one of the papers. Many other great papers were presented.

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