2010 ASIS&T Conference

The upcoming ASIS&T conference will have a number of sessions dealing with collaboration, such as:

Information Challenges in Collaborative Science

Knowledge production and knowledge management in the sciences are being transformed through initiatives such as Cyberinfrastructure in the U.S. and eScience or eResearch in the U.K., Europe, and elsewhere. Science – and other forms of scholarship – are becoming more collaborative, distributed, information-intensive, and data-intensive.

Mapping the highly collaborative Stem Cell research field: Adding last-author-based analysis to the author co-citation analysis family

In this paper we compare author cocitation analysis (ACA) results for the highly collaborative stem cell (SC) research field 2004-2009 using three types of ACA: all-author, first-author, and last-author.

International Collaboration and Counting Inflation in the Assessment of National Research Productivity

In this paper we describe how different accounting procedures affected the counting of scientific paper numbers at the country level and the country ranks based on paper production quantity in physics.

Exploring Information Seeking Processes in Collaborative Search Tasks

Many theories and models exist for understanding and explaining information seeking processes (ISP) for individuals. Such is not the case for collaborative information seeking (CIS), despite its growing importance. In this paper we take Kuhlthau’s ISP model, designed for individual information seeking, and map it to a CIS situation.


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