Collaborative presentations at the Reference Renaissance Conference

Cooperative SMS: The Infoquest Journey (Panel)
PowerPoint Presentation

A panel of InfoQuest librarians will discuss how the SMS service, InfoQuest, began and continues to gain momentum.  Best practices, usage of the service by type of patron and geographic distribution and maintaining the quality of the service will be highlighted. 
Panelist: Beth Avery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX; Karen Docherty, Maricopa Community College District, Phoenix, AZ; Shaye White, Pioneer Library System, OK

Collaborate to Succeed: Implementing New Reference Services with SPLAT
PowerPoint Presentation

Libraries face shrinking budgets, increased use and user demand for trending resources. SPLAT (Special Projects Library Action Team) is supported by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICFL), the state agency responsible for assisting libraries. The members of SPLAT are innovation representatives, comprised of library staff who search and experiment with SM trends and online tools, learn and share the best ways to integrate them into the reference services at all types of libraries. These efforts have yielded enhanced reference services throughout Idaho, encouraged policy change and increased positive user experiences.
Presenters: Amy Vecchione and Memo Cordova of Boise State University, ID


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