LITA – The Cloud and the Crowd

LITA National Forum: The Cloud and the Crowd
Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2010 — Atlanta, Georgia

The next LITA national forum has several program dealing with cooperative technology.

Cloudy with a Chance for Cooperation: Cloud-based Library Management.  -Andrew Pace
Panel presentation/discussion of a pilot project to move library management services and cooperative intelligence functions to the cloud.

Crowdsourcing the Archive, Cloudsourcing the Capture: Using Omeka for Collaborative Digital Archives and Exhibits on Campus.  -Gwen Evans
Using open source Omeka software and a variety of cloud-based tools and methods, we built a collaborative digital archive involving campus, community, and alumni to celebrate the University’s Centennial.

From Static & Stale to Dynamic & Collaborative: The Drupal Difference. -Susan C. Perry
An academic library’s experience moving from a static HTML site to a dynamic website using the open source CMS Drupal, and how this new crowdsourced, collaborative environment is impacting staff and users.

Promoting Open-Source Software Through Cloud Deployment. -Michael B. Klein
Providing low (or no) cost, one-click installation and hosting services can lead to easier evaluation and more widespread adoption of locally-developed open source software applications.


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