LYRASIS Partnerships Expand With OCLC, Launch With SkyRiver

From InfoToday Newsbreak, Posted On July 12, 2010

LYRASIS Partnerships Expand With OCLC, Launch With SkyRiver
by Barbara Quint

“LYRASIS, the nation’s largest regional (multi-state) library membership network, has announced two new partnership arrangements designed to serve the needs of its library members. LYRASIS began operations in April 2009 with the merger of two previous regional networks-PALINET and SOLINET-soon joined by NELINET. All three had longstanding relationships with OCLC. Changes in OCLC policies and corresponding declines in revenue reportedly drove the merger, at least in part. LYRASIS has continued much of its traditional support for OCLC products and services. Now it has announced a marketing and educational push supporting the new OCLC Web-scale Management Services initiative, an integrated library system (ILS) done “in the cloud.”

LYRASIS has also announced a new partnership with SkyRiver Technology Solutions, a cataloging utility offering price savings over traditional services. Ironically, a storm arose last year when Michigan State University switched from OCLC to SkyRiver for significant savings and then found those savings at risk as OCLC raised the price of outside (non-OCLC) cataloging contributions to WorldCat.”


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