Article: New Life for Long-Standing Collaboration

Huwe, Terence K.. “New Life for Long-Standing Collaboration.” Computers in Libraries 30.4 (2010): 27-9.

Article exerpt:
“Information professionals are often in a position to take a bird’s-eye view of large-scale trends in society and the workplace and the role of technology in both. Of the many trends that are prevalent these days, some are well-covered in CIL’s pages: to wit, the 2.0 revolution and all of the good things it is generating. The interactive online world remains a powerful force in society and in our everyday working lives, but other trends are also underway.

Here’s a trend that’s been on my mind lately: collaboration. Not just the new types we hear a lot about, involving new partners, new office designs, collaborative code writing, online avatars, and the like. In my opinion, our long-standing partnerships are also receiving a big boost. The most notable of these partnerships is with non-library technology managers. IT managers and programmers are very aware of the disruptive effect of new technology, certainly as much as we are. In response, they are increasingly on the look-out for collaborators beyond their own field of expertise.”


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