Two articles in the Review of Higher Education

Here are two articles from the new Summer issue of the Review of Higher Education, Volume 33, Number 4, Summer 2010.

The first article is “Educational Consortia in a Knowledge Economy: Collaboration, Competition, and Organizational Equilibrium” by Bethany H. Flora and Joan B. Hirt.

In today’s knowledge economy, collaboration and competition are critical in success. New postsecondary organizations have emerged in the higher education landscape, including consortiums and inter-institutional and interdisciplinary partnerships. One new organization is the Higher Education Center (HEC) in which multiple institutions partner to share resources while delivering separate academic programs. In many ways, the HEC can inform our knowledge of higher education as a whole since the HEC is comprised of public and private institutions that must compete and collaborate to ensure organizational survival. In this case study, the authors explored one such center’s internal dynamics.

The second is a book review.

Adrianna J. Kezar and Jaime Lester. Organizing Higher Education for Collaboration: A Guide for Campus Leaders. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009. 320 pp. Cloth: $40.00. ISBN-13: 978-0470179369.

It was reviewed by Peter M. Magolda, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Miami University.


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