New York Public Library Partners With HathiTrust

Weekly News Digest  May 27, 2010  Information Today

“The New York Public Library (NYPL) has taken a giant step towards storing, preserving, and protecting its digitized book collections, partnering with HathiTrust, a shared repository of digitized content from academic and research libraries. NYPL is the 27th library to join the partnership, which was formed in 2008.

Ann Thornton, acting Andrew W. Mellon Director of the New York Public Libraries, says, “This partnership will allow us to preserve and protect our digitized books for future generations while making them more accessible and useful to readers worldwide. By adding our digitized book collections to those of the other Hathi partners, we take a major step toward the vision of a free, comprehensive library of the world’s knowledge. We look forward to a long, productive future with HathiTrust and all of the great libraries who count themselves partners.”

HathiTrust will take items digitized from NYPL’s collections and store them securely. The group also has a delivery platform that will allow the public to easily access the Library’s public domain books, as well as items from the collections of other HathiTrust partners.

HathiTrust was founded in 2008 by the 12-university consortium known as the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, the 11 libraries of the University of California system, and the University of Virginia.”

Source: The New York Public Library


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