Cooperation in Transition

Check out this interesting article on library consortia by the Lincoln Trails Library System.  
Excerpt: “The past two years have seen a lot of change in library organizations in the United States, and most of those changes seem to be related to funding. That, of course, is a sign of the economy. For libraries and other public institutions money problems are likely to continue for one to two years after the rest of the economy comes back. That is certainly what Keith Fiels, Executive Director of the American Library Association, predicts. Mr. Fiels said in a recent letter that he sent to ALA staff “With library funding lagging the recession by perhaps two years, it is unclear when the library economy will ‘bottom out’, or when we will start to see a rebound in library funding nationally. In the meantime, everything from advertising to conference attendance has been affected. ALA is in the midst of a two million dollar revenue shortfall.”

With everyone facing difficult financial situations it is really not a surprise that cooperative organizations are sometimes forced to make changes in services, programs, structure and, yes, money.” 



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