Fund Raising with Mobile Giving

“An innovative partnership called LIBRARIE$ MATTER was announced today between Alliance Library System (ALS), located in East Peoria, IL, and Give by Cell, a division of Guide by Cell Inc., located in San Francisco, CA.

LIBRARIE$ MATTER will provide a revolutionary method for libraries to raise funds and also reach a new generation of potential donors. LIBRARIE$ MATTER is a new mobile giving campaign launching today to create an effortless approach to raising money for any member of the Alliance Library System, simply by sending a text message.

As more charities worldwide rely on text message donations to raise millions of dollars for various causes, mobile donating becomes an attractive way for donors to support organizations instantaneously. LIBRARIE$ MATTER offers the public to do the same for libraries of every variety.”

  • The seminar at 10 am central on April 28 is for library systems, associations or other organizations that want to offer a collaborative campaign for their library members.
  • The seminar at 2 pm central is for single libraries that would like to launch a campaign.

To register for either seminar, please email  Participants will be sent online connection information closer to the seminar date.


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