Serving Patrons in Tough Times: Forming Collaborations with Outside Agencies in Order to Bridge the Gap

The ASCLA Interface also has an article by Chuck Steinbower, The William K. Willis School, Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility, Ohio Department of Youth Services.  Mr Steinbower talks about creative use of cooperation to bring programming to his correctional library.  To quote:  “Last year, I was able to conduct an extensive humanities program that exceeded my wildest expectations. I was able to conduct five author vistas, three artist visits, plus other programming through a variety of financial resources. This year due to financial restraints, I have been forced to be more creative in order to bring quality programming to my institution.  
One way I’ve done this is by partnering with the school’s career-based intervention teachers to bring in volunteer speakers to talk with our youth about various career opportunities.”

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