Navigating Collaboration – final webinar

Navigating Collaboration: A Crash Course in Connecting with the Community: Lessons Learned
March 22, 1:00 MT/2:00CT

Register online at (registration is not required but is appreciated)
Over the past year, a series of webinars has been offered on how to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with people and organizations outside the library.  Each of the webinars included information and resources on that topic area.  On March 22, Will Olmstadt, Librarian, Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine will close out the series with a discussion with “Lessons Learned”. Come listen and contribute to the discussion that offers insight based on experience on what works well when collaborating around health information.
Log onto and sign in as a guest. You will need Internet access and a phone.

Dana Abbey, MLS
Consumer Health Coordinator


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