Europeana Online Library to be Enlarged

“The EU’s Europeana on-line library, museum and archive needs content from more Member States now and EU budget funding from 2013, says the Culture and Education Committee in a report unanimously approved on Monday. Whilst intellectual property rights must be respected, digitisation should not restrict access to Europe’s public heritage, warn MEPs.

The Europeana project, operational from November 2008, aims to make Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage accessible to all on the internet. At the end of last year it offered 4.6 million digitised works, including books, maps, film clips and photographs. MEPs back the aim of raising this to 10 million objects by June 2010 and 15 million by 2015. In 2011 will be more multilingual and include semantic web features. The site is run by the Europeana office, hosted by the Dutch National Library.”

Read the rest of the press release here


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