Email as collaboration tool?

Yesterday Read/Write/Web ran a story about collaboration services in email, focusing on a new service that makes sharing documents through an email system more reliable. The idea behind YouSendIt is that many people try to send big documents through an email system that was not created to handle files of that size. This service gives you a way to store the document “in the cloud” and use the YouSendIt features to make the document available to download to your collaborators – without having to actually send the document in the email. They have a close relationship with Exchange and Outlook, for libraries who use that sort of email system. Libraries who use Gmail can use the new Google Docs functionality that lets you store (and share) any type of document on Google’s servers (again, “in the cloud”) to get many of the features that YouSendIt offers. Either way, using cloud services to share big documents with other librarians is becoming easier – and is always more reliable than trying to figure out if the document you are sending is small enough to work with your teammates’ email services!


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