Collaborative Buzzing

Love it or hate it, Google’s new Buzz service has been out and in use for a week or so and it’s causing some stir in the Internet community and throughout the library world. There have been several posts written in the last week – everything from the basics of how to use Buzz at Web Worker Daily or tips for the “advanced Buzz user” from Read/Write/Web to a discussion of the uses of Buzz in collaborative work at Social Media Today – in the general Internet press, but not much in the library world – yet.  There is some discussion in FriendFeed about Buzz by librarians, but not much written by librarians about the uses of Buzz in libraries. Maybe this is because there is none – lots of the comments I see by librarian FriendFeeders seem to indicate that they are giving up on the service already – or maybe it’s just too soon. Whether or not Buzz becomes something we can use in libraries (for collaboration or just networking), I think it’s worth keeping an eye on.


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