Greening ILL Practices – Consortia Delivery is “Greener”

At ALA midwinter, Dennis Massie, OCLC Research presented on “Greening ILL Practices: Data’s, Do’s and Don’ts”.  This Powerpoint has great information about the environmental impact of our packaging materials and solid recommendations for being more “green”.   Among his recommendations: 

  • “Participate in a local delivery consortia; they are often cheaper, reduce book miles traveled, and do not require packaging other than a canvas bag or a paper routing slip rubber-banded to the books and dropped in reusable totes”
  • “Consider launching a purchasing consortium to lower costs of packaging materials, office copy paper, and overhead scanners”
  • It is better to use a local courier with reusable nylon bags  than Fed Ex with one time cardboard containers

I’ve included the major heading from his recommendations below, please see the PowerPoint to get full details.
“GOAL: Reuse packaging materials, minimize their size and weight, and utilize materials with maximum post-consumer recycled content.
1. Reuse materials
2. Procure materials that are durable, contain recycled content, and are recyclable
3. Recycle materials at end of life
4. Other innovative practices
5. Practices to avoid”

Valerie Horton


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