Interlibrary Loan Programs at ALA Annual

Interlibrary Loan Statistics Preconference: What we gather, how we use them, and who we provide them to.
This preconference will help attendees to sort through the myriad of ILL statistics available via a variety of sources and how to use these numbers to effect staffing, collection development decisions, etc.  Attendees will gain practical knowledge regarding the creation of reports, manipulation of canned reports supplied by the vendor, and how to use the data to provide quality service.  June 25, 2010, Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm

International Interlibrary Lending and Borrowing: Getting Started and Moving Forward June 26, 2010, Saturday, 1:30-3:30pm

How Shared is Shared? Remote Storage and Cooperative Collection Building June 27, 2010, Sunday, 10:30am-Noon

Sponsored by the RUSA STARS Research and Statistics Committee
 Denise Forro, Chair 2009-2010 RUSA STARS


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