Some new articles

Here are three new articles you might be interested in.

Skinner, K., et. al., The MetaArchive Cooperative: A Collaborative Approach to Distributed Digital Preservation, Library Trends, v. 57 no. 3 (Winter 2009) p. 371-92. Subscription required.

As identified by the U.S. Congress, there is a national need for collaborative approaches to digital preservation services for cultural, historical, and political repositories. Responding to this need, the Library of Congress established the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) in 2003 to produce a “national network of partners collaborating on digital preservation” that would pioneer a variety of digital preservation services for cultural memory organizations.

Howe, E. B., Using Pathfinders to Facilitate Collaboration and Teach Information Skills, Learning & Media, v. 37 no. 1 (Winter 2009) p. 5-7.

Among our goals as teacher-librarians is to ensure that our students have challenging, successful, and enjoyable learning experiences in the library. While many students dread the rigors of research, there are three printed tools that librarians can develop and/or provide to make the process more comprehensible and manageable for students while at the same time enhancing expectations for their involvement, learning, and end products.

House Calls: Teen Space Makeover; Teens and Local Newspaper Collaborate for Affordable Changes, Voice of Youth Advocates, v. 32 no. 5 (December 2009) p. 386-7.

The best part about the project is the teens’ involvement during all the planning and implementation stages, including expressing their views on the space required, signing off on design features, and furniture and accessories shopping and assembly.

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