Major Shake, Rattle and Roll in Koha Land

Merger mania in open source land headline blaring!   PTFS announced they bought LibLime, and hours earlier we had learned that ByWater and BibLibre are partnering.  That’s a major realignment of ILS support for Koha.   

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Here’s a happy, even classy, quote from ByWater:, “ByWater Solutions CEO, Brendan Gallagher says, “ByWater has worked with PTFS in the past and we look forward to collaborating with them again. ByWater is looking forward to future alliances between our two companies to achieve our common goal: widespread adoption of open source in libraries and supporting the open source standards of ‘releasing early releasing often.”

And a quote from the PTFS press release: “The acquisition establishes PTFS as the world’s largest company providing open-source ILS solutions for libraries. PTFS will hold a press conference at the LibLime’s ALA booth (2538) at 11:30 AM on Saturday January 16th.”

ALA will be very interesting as current customers try to understand what all this shake-up means to our future.  Valerie Horton

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  1. Nicole has done a nice wrap up too

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  3. Valerie Horton

    Press release: “PTFS and LibLime announce their mutual agreement to continue to operate as independent companies providing integrated library solutions in the US and throughout the world. PTFS and LibLime made a joint statement on January 13, 2010 announcing plans for a sale of LibLime to PTFS. However, PTFS and LibLime could not agree upon financial terms and have agreed not to proceed with the acquisition.”

  4. Valerie Horton

    Another player in the Koha support. This paragraph is from the Equinox Blog.

    “February 11th, 2010 by Galen Charlton
    Equinox is expanding our services to include support for Koha, the open source integrated library system initiated by the Horowhenua Library Trust in New Zealand. Our press release can be found here. We’ll focus on hosting, migration, support, and training at first, but we also offer Koha development services.”

  5. Academic Newswire (Library Journal) adds business perspective to the failed PTFS LibLime merger. Check out the story at: