Partnerships and Collaborations in Tough Times

INFOPEOPLE WEBINAR  (Outside California:  INFOPEOPLE asks that you please watch the archive version of this webinar.)

Webinar: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Time: 12pm-1pm PST
Speaker: Joan Frye Williams, George Needham

“Tough times call for tough choices, and one of those choices is how to get the most out of every resource at hand. One way to do this is through strategic and intentional partnerships and collaborations. But how do you form these partnerships so that the library, the partner, and, most important, the community all benefit?

In this webinar, consultants Joan Frye Williams and George Needham will discuss:

•The special challenges and opportunities tough times present for partnerships
•The difference between partners and donors
•The five things you need to know before you enter into any partnerships
•Finding a partner: the hard way and the easy way
•Tips for convincing people to support collaboration

With their characteristic humor and energy, Joan and George will present real world examples of successful collaborations that have allowed libraries to extend their reach and improve their communities. This webinar should be of interest to librarians, trustees, branch managers, grant writers, and any member of the library community who seeks to work with outside organizations.”


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