ASCLA ICAN (ALA group for Consortia and Cooperatives) is Seeking Committee Members

ASCLA ICAN is seeking new committee members.  ICAN is an exciting group of professionals who work with consortia and cooperatives (see the description below).  In the three years I have been on this committee, I have had a chance to meet and work with wonderful people from around the country.  I have learned a lot about truly amazing projects being done by library consortia and have had a chance to help provide great continuing education opportunities through ALA.  

 Here’s your chance to join us!  If you’re interested in serving on ICAN, please let me know at

Thank you, Valerie Horton
ICAN, In-Coming Chair
Executive Director, Colorado Library Consortium

ICAN is the InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking Section of the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA). Join us if you are interested in interlibrary cooperation and networks. ICAN provides discussions, programs, and planning activities for the effective delivery of quality library services through library networks–local, state, multistate, national, and international.  ICAN offers the personal contact necessary for directors, staff, and board members of multitype networks to develop new ideas, examine issues, and solve problems.


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