Volume 1, Issue 4 is ready

We just went to “press” with issue four. There is a slate of 11 great articles.  This is the last issue of the year, and this completes our first volume.  If you are interested in contributing an article for volume two, please let us know.

Below is the table of contents:

  • “Coffee, Condiments and Collaboration” by Ivan Gaetz
  • “Volunteer Voices: Tennessee’s Collaborative Digitization Program” by Tiffani R Conner, Ken Middleton, Melanie Feltner-Reichert and Andy Carter
  • “A Partnership Approach to Multi-Campus Library Services” by Min Tong and Cynthia Kisby
  • “An Iconoclast’s View of Collaboration” by Valerie Horton and Stephen Abram
  • “NELLCO’s Universal Search Solution: a Report on a NASIG 2009 Conference Session” by Barbara M. Pope
  • “Tough Economic Times Call for More Library Cooperation: Report on a Wyoming and Colorado Alliance Conference” by Jeffrey Scott Bullington
  • “About ICOLC and the ICOLC Statement on the Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Consortial Licenses” by Jeffrey Scott Bullington
  • “Collaboration the Open Source Way” by Nicole C. Engard
  • “Open Access, Sustainability and Helping the Kids” by Mitchell Davis
  • “Building Online Content and Community with Drupal” by Gabrielle Somnee Wiersma
  • “Review of Library Technology Reports: Collaboration 2.0” by Alison Hicks

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