International Copyright Resource Center

A new collaborative venture, Copyright Watch, is building a resource center with national copyright information from around the world.  According to their website, “Our dream was to build a user-friendly resource of national copyright laws to help citizens of the world undertake comparative research. We wanted to raise awareness of the importance of balanced copyright law in the information society, and draw attention to points of commonality and of difference in countries’ laws and legal traditions. We also wanted to create an information sharing resource, where copyright watchers could post information about proposed amendments to their own copyright laws, and understand the changes in others.”

“Who Are We?
Copyright Watch was begun by an international group of copyright experts, drawn from the Access to Knowledge community. We’d like to thank Corporacion Innovarte, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic Information for Libraries (, the International Federation of Library Associations, Professor Michael Geist, the Third World Network, and the Bangalore Centre for Internet and Society for their support.”

Headlines on the site include: “Serbia’s New Draft Copyright Law”, ” Iraq’s current copyright law” and “From Botswana to Bangladesh – Copyright Across The World”.


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