Institutional Repository Partnership Webinar

The Potential of Partnerships: Dissolving Silos for a Successful IR Implementation
Presenter: Marilyn Billings
Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 2:00pm EST
“This webinar will use the University of Massachusetts’ institutional repository as a case study to explore how the new digital repository service has affected the way librarians envision our place in the future of the academy, how the academy is changing its view of the library’s role, new tools and skills that we are developing to fulfill this service, and new partnerships that we have created and fostered to exploit this new vision. We hope to foster discussion and provide insights and opportunities for further exploration of how the role of libraries as publishers enables us to be key partners in the creation, dissemination, and archiving of academic scholarship.,,
Marilyn Billings is the Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives
Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.”
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