A “Beginner’s Mind” Look at Open Source in Libraries

“Open Source Newbie Tells all” by Kate Sheehan

Kate Sheehan is creating an interesting blog journal in ALA TechSource, exploring the “Beginner’s Mind” of a librarian delving into an array of open source software products.  She says, “In the spirit of Beginner’s Mind (and also in the spirit of hilariously wrong technology predictions), I’m going to post my current observations about libraries and OSS.”  Kate intends to continue to record her observations as her consortium launches an Evergreen Integrated Library Systems installation. 

As another open source newbie, in my case launching a Koha installation for 30 plus libraries in December, I find much to identify with in her comments.  Check out her blog and her observations such as this one, “As a casual observer of the library open source movement, I think the initial nervousness expressed by many librarians has subsided. So too, has the “gee whiz” enthusiasm, replaced by a more mellow excitement and commitment to the work of promoting, creating, and maintaining open source solutions for libraries.”

Valerie Horton


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