Open Source ILS Add-Ons Webinar

 Open Source Integrate Library System  Add-Ons
Date and time: October 22, 2009, 12 pm – 1:00 pm PDT
  Lori Bowen Ayre
“This webinar will last approximately one hour. There is no charge for this webinar.  Pre-registration is not required.

The first two webinars in this series presented an introduction to and overview of Open Source Library Systems (OSLS) and how to get involved with one of the two leading OSLS projects Koha and Evergreen.  This third webinar is about the Open Source software that is available to supplement your library system, regardless of whether you are using an Open Source Library System like Koha or Evergreen or a proprietary system like Millennium, CARL, or Horizon.

Software that dramatically extends and expands the capabilities of your library system software fall into two main categories: discovery interface and metasearch. While other products (e.g. content management systems) may integrate with your ILS to some degree, we will focus our attention on discovery and metasearch tools, how they work and who is using them.

If you are unable to attend the live event, you can access the archived version the day following the webinar.  Check our archive listing at:


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