Vendor Compliance with COUNTER Helps Consortia with Database Statistics

“The first list of vendors/publishers compliant with Release 3 of the Code of Practice for Journals and Databases has been published on the COUNTER website ( ). Over 60 vendors/publishers are on this list, ahead of the deadline for Release 3 compliance, which is 31 August 2009. Only vendors/publishers compliant with Release 3 will be deemed COUNTER-compliant for journals and databases after that date. 
The main objectives of Release 3 are: to improve further the reliability of the COUNTER usage reports; to provide tools that will facilitate the consolidation, management and analysis of the COUNTER usage statistics; to improve the COUNTER usage reports for library consortia; to improve the reporting of the usage of journal archives.
The key new features in Release 3 are
• Incorporation of the SUSHI (Standardised Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) protocol into the COUNTER Code of Practice.
• New  reports that enable vendors who provide journal archives as a separate acquisition from the current journals to meet the requirement that the usage of such archives must be reported separately
• New library consortium usage reports. The advent of the SUSHI protocol greatly facilitates the handling of large volumes of usage data, which is a particular advantage for consortial reporting. For this reason COUNTER has developed two new reports for library consortia that are specified only in XML format.
• A new optional additional report Journal/Book Report 1: Number of successful full-text item requests by month and title, specified in XML only, will allow vendors that provide online journals and books on the same platform to report usage of both categories of product in a single COUNTER report.
• A new protocol that allows federated searches to be isolated from dedicated searches of  single databases or services
• New protocols that require activity generated by internet robots and crawlers, as well as by LOCKSS and similar caches, to be excluded from the COUNTER reports
COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) is a multi-agency initiative whose objective is to develop a set of internationally accepted, extendible Codes of Practice that will allow the usage of online information products and services to be measured more consistently. COUNTER is actively supported by the international community of librarians, intermediaries, publishers and vendors, and by their professional organisations.”
For more information, please contact:
Peter Shepherd
Project Director – COUNTER


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