Library Resource Management Systems: New Challenges, New Opportunities

NISO Forum
Library Resource Management Systems: New Challenges, New Opportunities

October 8-9, 2009, Metro Meeting Center, Boston, MA

This NISO Forum has a number of program related to collaboration including the one belowe:
“Large Consortium Systems: Making the Library Work With Other Libraries
Kyle Banerjee, Digital Services Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance

In March of 2008, the Council governing the Orbis Cascade Alliance voted to enter a development partnership with OCLC to migrate the Alliance’s union catalog and consortial borrowing system to a new platform. The Alliance’s strategic agenda called for an improved patron experience as well as better integration of local, consortial, and ILL borrowing. The strategic agenda recognized that effective library services and resource sharing required seamless interaction between products produced by different vendors. For this reason, it sought investigation of systems that communicated using standard protocols.

Planning and executing the migration took eight months, and the system has been in production use by all 36 Alliance members since December 2008. This session explains the implementation process as well as the organizational and technical challenges faced in migrating so many institutions simultaneously.”


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