Good Article from 2008 in the Educause Review

This article discussed how liberal arts scholars are changing their approach to collaboration, particularly in the humanities and the social sciences.

Things to Do While Waiting for the Future to Happen: Building Cyberinfrastructure for the Liberal Arts

…Although the liberal arts culture is created through scholarly communication—journals, conferences, teaching, the activity of scholarly societies, and the continuing evolution of disciplines—much of the daily activity of the humanities and social sciences is rooted in the assumption that research and publication form essentially an individual rather than a collaborative activity. The tools, the capabilities, and the benefits of larger and deeper engagement with others beckon, but there are few takers. Our Cultural Commonwealth noted, “Lone scholars… are working in relative isolation, building their own content and tools, struggling with their own intellectual property issues, and creating their own archiving solutions.” How will the shift to a collaborative approach to research and publication actually happen? Will it be led by the existence of a new generation of easily available, collaborative, increasingly semantic tools that will make the mechanics of finding and working with partners significantly easier? Or will it occur as a result of the pressure of effectively organizing ways of responding to the sheer amount of digital data that is becoming available?

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