Issue three is now available

The new issue has ten articles:

  • An Expanding Vision of Collaboration by Ivan Gaetz
  • Escaping the Island of Lost Faculty: Collaboration as a Means of Visibility by Anthony Joseph Fonseca and Van P. Viator
  • Research Library Collaboration in Colorado ā€“ The Birth and Early Evolution of CARL by Steve P. Fisher
  • Collaboration: the Big Picture by Ivan Gaetz and Janet Lee
  • Regional and National Cooperation on Legacy Print Collections by Robert H. Kieft
  • Viewpoints: Collaboration Matters by Nicole C Engard
  • Viewpoints: Grey Areas — New Books from Old, Reprise: Project Ibid & the Power of Ideas by Mitchell Davis
  • Reviews of articles by Ivan Gaetz
  • Review of the Campus Collaborative Tools Strategy at UC Berkeley by Beth Filar-Williams
  • Review of Collaborative Library Research Projects: Inquiry that Stimulates the Senses by Su Eckhardt

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