Collaboration at the Next LITA Forum

The upcoming LITA Forum has several program on collaboration.

12th Annual LITA National Forum: Open & Mobile
October 1-4, 2009
Hilton City Center, Salt Lake City, UT

C2: Collaborating on Collaboration
Thomas C. Wilson (University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa)

Starting in late 2007 the University of Alabama Libraries with a growing instruction program indentified a need for a more intimate setting for smaller groups of faculty and graduate students. At the same time, the University’s Faculty Resource Center needed additional space for its expanding program, particularly in a central campus location. Thus, a marriage of convenience was born. In the midst of planning and repurposing space in the Gorgas Library, a new VP-CIO arrived with a vision to expand the services available in this space. Needing a similarly sized space to institute an Access Grid node on campus, he recommended that we build out the room appropriately to add this capacity. This presentation will focus on the planning, specifications, implementation, and collaboration pay-off in other similar projects underway.

Collaborating In The Cloud
Robin M. Hastings (Missouri River Reginal Library)

This presentation will discuss the ways in which libraries can use free accounts at various social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr) and social groupware sites (like or Google Docs & Spreadsheets) to work collaboratively with others either in their libraries or around the world. A number of services will be profiled and examples of real-world applications will be highlighted in the presentation


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