The Collaboration Handbook: new book

The Collaboration Handbook

From Linworth Publishing.  Here’s the book jacket information: “Step up to the plate and hit one out of the park for collaboration!  Read, learn, and apply these strategies to raise the level of collaboration and achievement in your school!

Offers hands-on tools for moving from isolation, to cooperation, to collaboration, step-by-step.  Teaches you to asses your collaboration quotient and raise it to new levels.  Convinces administrators, teachers, and librarians of the benefit collaboration has on student learning.  Buzzeo has written the seminal work on collaboration.  This concise, heavy-duty, power-packed volume is filled with the information teachers, librarians, and administrators need to increase levels of collaboration in their schools in order to increase student learning and achievement.  Buzzeo gives readers the why, the how, and the inspiration to build and enhance collaboration in every school.  Data-based analysis is a key component of this handbook which is designed to be used by teachers and librarians wherever they are on the collaboration continuum.”


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