New article in C&RL News

This article was just published by C&RL News, May 2009, Vol. 70, Issue 5, p 272-275.

Business process management and the “new” library instruction: Navigating technology and collaboration,” by Sean Cordes and Brian Clark.

Library instruction is an evolving service ripe with requirements and processes for teaching, management, and technology. Like many businesses, management of library instruction has innovations that have changed the way services are planned, developed, and implemented.  With wide-ranging user needs, technologies, and time and budget constraints, the library instruction program can be hard to steer. Like the steamboat captain on the Mississippi, instruction coordinators and library instructors in this new age push learning forward on a tenuous river. Even with the best instruction system, information for library sessions, high school visits, reference questions, and library events can twist and flow across instructors, coordinators, and support persons.


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