Digital Libraries à la Carte – Netherlands Conference Focuses on Libraries and Collaborative Research Communities

Digital Libraries à la Carte



From 28 July – 5 August 2009, Ticer’s international summer school “Digital Libraries à la Carte” will be held at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. The programme of this annual event for librarians and publishers is completely renewed. You can pick your choice from a ‘menu’ of seven one-day modules:


* Module 1: Strategic Developments and Library Management

* Module 2: Change – Making it Happen in Your Library

* Module 3: Tomorrow’s Library Leaders

* Module 4: Integrated Search Solutions Toward Catalogue 2.0

* Module 5: Institutional Repositories – Preservation and


* Module 6: Libraries and Research Data – Embracing New


* Module 7: Libraries and Collaborative Research Communities


The course website can be found at If you register before 1 May 2009, you will get a €150 discount.


The course is recommended by LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries), JISC, DEFF (Denmark’s Electronic Research Library), CBU/KUB (the conference of university libraries in

Switzerland), Helsinki University Libraries, and NFF (Norwegian Association of Special Libraries).


The course is targeted at library managers/directors, deputy librarians, library middle management, digital library project managers, IT/systems librarians, IT specialists, information specialists, and repository managers from academic, research and special libraries, and at publishers and researchers.


To guarantee an interactive programme, the number of participants is limited, lectures contain an interactive component, experiences can be exchanged via creative coffee sessions, and two modules are workshops with working group sessions.


Some of the subjects covered:


* The future generation of students and researchers

* Outsourcing library systems

* Evidence-based librarianship

* Strategic marketing

* Change management

* Leadership development

* Integrated search solutions (facetted search, FRBR, mash-up,


* eXtensible Catalog, Primo, Summa and VUfind compared

* Open Access advocacy

* Preservation and conservation of institutional repositories

* Does Open Access increase citations?

* Preservation and curation of research data – the library’s


* Research collaboratories and virtual research environments –

  the library’s role


Course directors are Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard, Deputy Director

General, Royal Library, Denmark and Jan Wilkinson, University

Librarian and Director at The University of Manchester.



Further information:

Ms Jola Prinsen, Manager Ticer

Tilburg University, Library and IT Services

P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands

Tel. +31 13 466 8310, fax +31 13 466 8383,





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