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Happy Tuesday, world! Collaborative Librarianship is proud to announce that Volume 8 Issue 2 has now been published!

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Do More with More
Lori Bowen Ayre

From the Field

Academic Library and Publisher Collaboration: Utilizing an Institutional Repository to Maximize the Visibility and Impact of Articles by University Authors
Judith C. Russell, Alicia Wise, Chelsea S. Dinsmore, Laura I. Spears, Robert V. Phillips, and Laurie Taylor

Finding the Principles of the Commons: A Report of the Force11 Scholar-ly Communications Working Group
Robin Champieux, Bianca Kramer, Jeroen Bosman, Ian Bruno, amy buckland, Sarah Callaghan, Chris Chapman, Stephanie Hagstrom, MaryAnn E. Martone, and Daniel Paul O’Donnell

Peer Reviewed Articles

Towards the Collective Collection: Lessons Learned from PALCI’s DDA Pilot Projects and Next Steps
Jeremy Garskof, Jill Morris, Tracie Ballock, and Scott Anderson

Supporting Open Access Processes Through Library Collaboration
Chris L. Awre, Paul Stainthorp, and Graham Stone

New website, new volume, new issue

The journal is transitioning to a new look and feel.  The new journal home is at:

The new table of contents for Volume 8, Issue 1 (2016) is:

The new issue is ready – Volume 7, Issue 3

Vol 7, No. 3 (2015): Volume 7, Issue 3

Table of Contents


The Seven Year Ache PDF

Ivan Gaetz


Scholarly Articles

Cohort-Based Technology Training: A Collaboration with Faculty Grounded in Diffusion of Innovation and Faculty Learning Community Theories Abstract PDF

Gretel Stock-Kupperman

Cross Collaboration: Librarians Stepping out of the Box to Serve Students Abstract PDF

Denelle Eads, Rebecca Freeman, Valerie Freeman

Does Virtual Communication Equal Virtual Collaboration? The Influence of Technology on Job Satisfaction and Collaboration Abstract PDF

Kathy Butler, Michael Perini


From the Field

Collaborative Cataloging Pilot Project Abstract PDF

Jamey Harris, Marilou Hinchcliff

Finding Joy in Our Profession: John F. Helmer on Library Consortia Abstract PDF

John F. Helmer, Valerie Horton


Viewpoints: Technology Matters

Liberated from the Circulation Desk – Now What? PDF

Lori Bowen Ayre


Orbis Cascades Collaborative Workforce Report

“For more than 20 years we have made decisions about what work will be done together, when and where it should be centralized, and how to pay for it. Over the years we have become skilled at making ad hoc determinations but have lacked a formal framework to guide and inform such discussions. The following model provides a concept and language for analyzing Alliance projects and services, a list of factors to take into consideration, and a methodology for benchmarking contributed work. As such, the Collaborative Workforce Model represents a step along the Alliance’s development as a consortium exploring the potential for deep collaboration among member libraries”

 Collaborative Workforce Program 

Two articles in the July issue of College & Research Libraries

Here are two relevant articles that were recently published in College & Research Libraries.

Degrees of Impact: Analyzing the Effects of Progressive Librarian Course Collaborations on Student Performance” by Char Booth, M. Sara Lowe, Natalie Tagge, and Sean M. Stone.

Organizational Learning for Library Enhancements: A Collaborative, Research-Driven Analysis of Academic Department Needs” by Jeffery L. Loo and Elizabeth A. Dupuis.

Nice issue on consortia, great start to Volume 7

Vol 7, No. 1 (2015): Volume 7, Issue 1

Table of Contents


Special Issue on Consortia


Valerie Horton


Bottling the “Collaboration Thing”


George Needham


Scholarly Articles

Communication in Library Consortia

Abstract PDF

Matt Lee, Valerie Horton


From the Field

Occam’s Reader: The First Library-Developed Ebook Interlibrary Loan Ststem

Abstract PDF

Ryan Litsey, Kenney Ketner


Home Grown Ebooks: North Carolina’s Collaborative Ebook Pilot Project

Abstract PDF

Jill Morris


Promoting Innovation: The WiLS Model

Abstract PDF

Andrea Coffin, Stefanie Morrill


Tom Sanville in Conversation

Abstract PDF

Kathy Perry, Tom Sanville


Viewpoints: Consortial Conversations

Consortial Ebook Platforms: An Update and Good News


Gregory Pronevitz


Viewpoints: Technology Matters

The Holy Grail of Library Automation: The Shared Library System


Lori Bowen Ayre



Review of Library Consortia: Models for Collaboration and Sustainability


Anne Slaughter


Tom Sanville In Conversation

Preprint of article from next issue of Collaborative Librarianship

Kathy A. Perry ( (The Virtual Library of Virginia)

Abstract: In conversation with Kathy Perry, Director of VIVA, The Virtual Library of Virginia, Tom Sanville, on the occasion of his retirement in December, 2014, discusses his career, including entrée into the library world through industry, the beginnings of ICOLC, its operations and accomplishments, the ICOLC “grilles,” the world of electronic content licensing, and more.


Tom Sanville retired from LYRASIS as the Senior Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships as of December 2014, but those of us in the library consortia community have known him in many other roles, particularly as Executive Director of OhioLINK (1992-2010) and as the recognized leader of the Consortium of Consortia which was later named the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC).  Continue reading

Collaboration at ACRL 2015

The 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference took place in Portland, OR from March 24-28, 2015. There were several panels, papers, and posters relating to collaboration in libraries.

A highlight of the collaboration related sessions with online materials:

Achieving Big City Dreams at Small Town Libraries: How Seven Regional College Libraries Used Collaboration and Adobe Captivate to Create an Online Information Literacy Tutorial Program
Speakers: Adrianna Lancaster, Sharon Morrison, Allison Embry, Chelsea Baker
Session Format: Panel Session, Assessment

Build Sustainable Collaboration: Developing and Assessing Metaliteracy Across Information Ecosystems
Speakers: Alex Hodges, Alison Thomas
Session Format: Contributed Paper, Teaching & Learning

Collective Strengths: Institutional Repositories & Communities of Practice
Speakers: Sarah Beaubien, Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Sarah Shreeves, Claire Stewart
Session Format: Panel Session, Scholarly Communication

Digital Humanities in Ten Pages or Less! Engaging Students with Digital Texts through Sustainable Collaboration
Speakers: Judith Arnold, Graham Hukill, Julie Thompson Klein
Session Format: Panel Session, Teaching & Learning

Keep it Green: Leading Sustainable and Successful Online Teams
Speakers: Carrie Moran, Heidi Steiner Burkhardt, Beth Filar-Williams, John Jackson
Session Format: Panel Session, Leadership & Management

Leveraging Library Ecology: Growing Beyond Boundaries to Cultivate a Sustainable Knowledge Community Through Team-Based Librarianship
Speakers: Ellen Urton, Meagan Duever, Casey Hoeve, Jenny Oleen, Livia Olsen, David Vail
Session Format: Contributed Paper, Sustainability

Leveraging OA, the IR, and Cross-department Collaboration for Sustainability: Ensuring Library Centrality in the Scholarly Communication Discourse on Campus
Speakers: Todd Bruns, Steve Brantley
Session Format: Contributed Paper, Scholarly Communication

Partners in Design: Consortial Collaboration for Digital Learning Object Creation
Speakers: Glynis Asu, Barbara Norelli, Peter Rogers, Beth Ruane
Session Format: Panel Session, Teaching & Learning

Teeming with Technology, Teaming with Technologists: Using Digital Tools to Enhance Primary Source Literacy
Speakers: Ben Murphy, Melissa Salrin, Kaitlin Justin
Session Format: Panel Session, Technology

You Can Succeed Here! Making Connections through Library Outreach from Grades 3 to 13
Speakers: Jamie Hazlitt, Christina Sheldon, Lettycia Terrones
Session Format: Panel Session, Teaching & Learning

The full schedule can be found here.


Call for New General Editor(s) for Collaborative Librarianship

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

 Collaborative Librarianship – Seeks an Editor-in-Chief or Editors-in-Chief.

 March 20, 2015 – (Denver, CO) – The Advisory Board and Editorial Team of Collaborative Librarianship (eISSN: 1943-7528) are pleased to issue a call for an Editor-in-Chief or Editors-in-Chief to lead the publication into its next phase of development and service to the library community. The Board and Team see the journal, now into its seventh year of publication, well-positioned for this change. Having developed trust and respect since its founding in 2009, the journal boasts a scope of participation and readership that now spans library communities across the United States and abroad.

The ideal applicant/applicants should be committed to the values and principles of collaboration, to advancing scholarship in library and information science through an open access platform, to expanding one’s professional network across the United States and around the world, and to promoting professional development opportunities in scholarship for new and advancing librarians.

Open Access: Gold, but without author fees. In the interest of fostering collaboration, Collaborative Librarianship commits to publishing in an open access environment.  Authors are required to agree to “Creative Commons Attribution, noncommercial, no derivative 3.0 license.”  See tab “For Authors,” “Copyright Notice.”

Interested individuals who wish to partner with others in this opportunity are encouraged to consider a joint editorship.

Qualifications: Persons interested in this opportunity should have a degree in librarianship, have a strong background and record of professional publication in some field of related scholarship, be familiar with the open access movement and trends, and have a general knowledge of scholarly publishing standards and processes. Editorial experience is a plus.

 Responsibilities: Working with the existing management team through an initial period of transition, the appointee/appointees will gain a thorough understanding of all major aspects of the journal operations. The incumbent will exercise responsibility for the character and content of the journal; conduct effective communication with other members of the management/editorial team; assist section editors in soliciting submissions; ensure timely publication of issues; establish the table of contents for each issue; oversee editing processes; respond to author and reader inquiries; manage the budget; oversee press releases, promotion and marketing; report directly to the management team and the advisory board; and work to ensure the journal’s long-term stability and success.

 Transition: A newly appointed editor will negotiate a suitable period of transition, though January 2016 is optimal.

 Application Materials: Curriculum Vitae; succinct letter of interest highlighting qualifications; brief vision statement of possibilities for Collaborative Librarianship for the next five years; two to five references.

Applications should be submitted via attached email files to Ivan Gaetz or Valerie Horton, Co-General Editors, by May 15, 2015.

Ivan Gaetz                                                                                      Valerie Horton                                   

Ph. 719-389-6070                                                                         Ph. 612-624-2839

Brief Profile of Collaborative Librarianship:

Six full years of regular publication, January 2009 to the present, 4 issues per year.

“Views” count: (as of January 31, 2015) 465,966.  By summer 2015, the journal will exceed 500,000 total views for all items published. Over the past three years, total “views” count increases by approximately 40% annually.              Systems Platform: Currently on Open Journal Systems.  Other options currently being considered include the publishing arm of Digital Commons of the University of Denver.

Compensation: The journal currently does not offer monetary compensation to its editorial

team, its advisory board, reviewers, or any of its contributors. Editor commonly obtain press credentials, gratis by request, for conferences of the American Library Association.

Business Plan:  The journal maintains a reserve fund managed by a partner

501(3)(C) organization, the Colorado Library Consortium, based in Denver, Colorado, and receives a small revenue stream from journal aggregators.  Occasionally, given certain project expenses, appeals for funds have been made to our sponsoring organizations.

Citations: The journal increasingly is cited in other scholarly publications, in professional literature, on blogs, etc.

For more information on various aspects of the journal, see:

Mission: See tab “About”
Scope:  See tab “About”
Current Management: See left sidebar, “Editorial Team”
Sponsoring Organizations:  See tab “Journal Sponsorship”

More information about the journal and this opportunity can be obtained by contacting Ivan Gaetz or Valerie Horton.

Volume 6, Issue 4 is published

Here is the table of contents for the last issue of Volume 6.  There are some good articles and reviews in this issue.

Table of Contents


Library Innovation and Collaborative Librarianship PDF

Ivan Gaetz


Scholarly Articles

From an Autonomous to a Collaborative Website Redesign Process: the University of Denver Libraries Experience Abstract PDF

Shea-Tinn Yeh, Christopher C. Brown

Published Librarian Research, 2008 through 2012: Analyses and Perspectives Abstract PDF

Selenay Aytac, Bruce Slutsky


From the Field

The Pivot: Phase 2 of 2CUL Technical Services Integration Abstract PDF

Kate Harcourt, Jim LeBlanc

Building Capacity of Librarians for Knowledge and Skill Development: A Case Study of Nine Institutions of the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) Abstract PDF

Oluwaseun Ireti Obasola, Ayo John Alonge, John Eyers, Benedict Oladele


Viewpoints: Technology Matters

MARC isn’t Dying Fast Enough PDF

Lori Bowen Ayre



Review of The Machiavellian Librarian: Winning Allies, Combating Budget Cuts, and Influencing Stakeholders PDF

Courtney Fuson

Review of The Embedded Librarian’s Cookbook PDF

Megan E. Welsh