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Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking, Feb. 24, 2013

Here is some information about the Third Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking at the ACM CSCW 2013 Conference, February 24, 2013. San Antonio, Texas.

Information seeking is often not a solitary activity. The notion that people working in collaboration on information tasks should be studied and supported has become more prevalent in the recent years. The field of collaborative information seeking (CIS) is re-emerging, and bringing researchers and practitioners from various disciplines. This workshop will provide an opportunity to gather a motivated set of participants in learning and sharing their insights around theoretical foundations of CIS as well as its applications. The interactive nature of the workshop will allow the participants share their research, ideas, questions, and opinions with a goal of outlining an agenda for future research on collaborative information seeking, synthesis, and sense-making. The workshop will provide a venue to bring together those who have been working on CIS issues and those who want to plan their research agenda in this emerging field.

Open Access Advocacy through Collaboration

The PDF linked below was presented at the Canadian Library Association meeting back in June of 2012 by Jocelyn Godolphin, Concordia University Libraries. The session was “Building a Community of Practice for Scholarly Communication: Open Access Advocacy among Canadian Research Library Practitioners.”

(PDF) Open Access Advocacy through Collaboration: The Concordia Example

Three more articles/papers today

Here they are:

The first two are articles in the American Association of School Librarians journal, Knowledge Quest.

1) “Collaboration—It’s Not Just a Library Thing” by Carl Harvey, 2011-2012 AASL President, North Elementary School, Indiana

2) “Voyaging on the SS Library Leadership: Collaboration in Teaching and Learning at the University of Vermont”

A new series of online courses offered at the University of Vermont for school library professionals in practice provides opportunities to explore current issues within education and school librarianship in a sustained and supportive learning environment. This article presents the development of the flagship course, School Library Leadership in the 21st Century, that Judy Kaplan and Susan Ballard co-facilitated in Fall 2010. Judy and Susan collaborated in real and virtual time to plan and co-teach the course….

3) This paper by Wendy West and Katherine Latal was presented at the 2009 Charleston Conference, and it was archived at Purdue.

It Takes a Village to Raise an E-Journal: Collaboration through Necessity

ALIA Conference in Australia, July 10-13, 2012

The ALIA Conference will be taking place in Sydney later this month.  It looks like they have already posted some of the papers that will be presented at the conference.  I see three sessions concerning collaboration and libraries, and two of them are available online (as far as I can find.)

iPads: outreach, collaboration, and innovation in academic libraries” (PDF) by Freya Bruce, Vicki Bourbous, Maria El-Chami, John Eliot, and Sarah Howard, Australian Catholic University

Ecosciences precinct library – collaboration of spaces & people” (PDF) by Helen Macpherson, Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, and Anne Tobin, Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management

“International Collaboration to put Evidence into Practice” by Lisa Kruesi, University of Queensland Library, Suzanne Lewis, Central Coast Local Health District, and Connie Schardt, Duke University

Here is the full program as a PDF document.


Sunday June 24, 10:30AM-12:00PM, Anaheim Convention Center 213AB   Sharing Our Collections : Looking to the Future. Sponsored by the LLAMA SASS / RUSA STARS Cooperative Remote Circulation Committee

Data Curation & Collaboration

I learned about this session for the 2012 ALA Conference this summer.

Data Curation as a Form of Collaborative Research
ACRL Research Program at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA
Sunday, June 24, 2012, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Co-sponsored by the ACRL Research Program Committee and the Science and Technology Section

Speakers: D. Scott Brandt, Associate Dean for Research & Professor of Library Science, Purdue University; Harriett Green, English and Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Patricia Hswe, Digital Collections Curator, The Pennsylvania State University; Sophia Krzys Acord, Associate Director of the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida

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r-squared – The risk & reward Conference launches fall 2012 in Telluride

Unique Innovation Conference Focuses on Smart Risks to Move Libraries Forward

TELLURIDE, Colo. ­– March 26, 2012 – Library professionals at all levels of their organizations will converge on Telluride, Colo., Sept. 9-11, 2012, for R-Squared – The Risk & Reward Conference. This innovative conference is based on the premise that libraries must take smart risks to move the industry forward. With the help of change agents from retail, architecture, media and marketing, the conference will address innovations in customer curiosity, creative spaces, abundant community and culture. Attendees will leave equipped with the courage to implement creative new ideas and with a support system of risk-embracing peers. Registration opens April 1, 2012.

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Call for for papers & panel sessions, 24th Polar Libraries Colloquy

The 24th Polar Libraries Colloquy (PLC24) will be held June 11-14 in Boulder, Colorado.

PLC24 welcomes all topics that apply to polar libraries or information.  For instance:
* How has your institution/collection/staff/mission/audience evolved?
* Preservation of the cultural heritage – collection management of photographs, films and oral recordings
* Has your research focus changed?
* Outreach of libraries and archives – use of new technologies for teaching and public interactions
* New ways of bringing your collections to the masses
* New ways of bringing the masses to your collections
* Adapting the library to 21st century needs
* Data and metadata curation
* Collaborations and exchanges
Or suggest your own topic for a session!

Computers in Libraries Conference in March, 2012

It looks like over 10 sessions at Computers in Libraries have something to do with collaboration.  Take a look at their brochure of programs. [PDF]

Creating Innovative Libraries is what librarians, systems and information professionals, and teams of other partners and experts do with computers, the internet and cutting edge technology. At Computers in Libraries 2012, the focus is on practices and techniques, technology, and the “secret sauce” or “extra” that creates innovative libraries.

Undergraduates, Open Science, and Collaboration

Joe Kraus was at the ScienceOnline 2012 conference.  One of the relevant sessions concerning collaboration was the “Next Generation of Open Scientists

Science faculty and librarians can collaborate on many aspects of undergraduate education – two ideas are the focus of this discussion. First: How can we best help undergrads understand and explore the scholarly information landscape? In addition to formal sources like journal articles, informal sources (e.g., blogs) are of increasing importance/relevance, which raises a question: How do we get students to think about what formal and informal really mean? How do we – faculty, librarians and others – work together to teach students to navigate the disciplinary landscape and become productive and critical consumers of – and contributors to – the disciplinary conversation? Second: How do we introduce students to the great big wide world of open science? How do the various players in higher education communicate to the next generation the incredible depth and complexity of what going on out there? How do we raise (inspire? support?) the next generation of Cameron Neylons, Steve Koches and Jean-Claude Bradleys (not to mention the next generation of Dorothea Salos and Christina Pikases)?

We had a great discussion. The Abstract for the session and other sessions can be found here.