What’s new in library literature

A few new articles published recently on library collaboration

Neal J. Advancing From Kumbaya to Radical Collaboration: Redefining the Future Research Library. Journal Of Library Administration [serial online]. January 2011;51(1):66-76.

Kaufman, P. (2012). Let’s Get Cozy: Evolving Collaborations in the 21st Century. Journal Of Library Administration, 52(1), 53-69. doi:10.1080/01930826.2011.629962

Bedard, M., Hendrickson, D., Lubas, R., & Reenen, J. (2012). Library Information Technology Collaborations at the University of New Mexico. Journal Of Library Administration, 52(2), 203-216.

Cooper, O. O., & Bray, M. (2011). School Library Media Specialist-Teacher Collaboration: Characteristics, Challenges, Opportunities. Techtrends: Linking Research & Practice To Improve Learning, 55(4), 48-55.

TUCCILLO, D. P., JONES, S., & SAPERSTONE, H. (2012). Lights, Camera Collaboration!. Voice Of Youth Advocates, 34(6), 554-556.

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